The Musical Legacy of Sergei Prokofiev

Keywords: Sergei Prokofiev, 20th century music, the musical language of Sergei Prokofiev, the genres of the music of Sergei Prokofiev.


The lecture of Doctor of Arts, Professor Alexander Ivanovich Demchenko elucidates the evolution of the music of the outstanding composer the main stages of which correspond to the three sections of the present text: “Prokofiev of the Beginning of the Century,” “Prokofiev of the Middle of the Century” and “The Constants of the Musical Style of Prokofiev.” Characterizations are given of the most significant compositions in the context of the culture and the musical language of the 20th century and the musical language of the composer-reformer, as well as to the system of images and genres.
The exposition of the lecture has the prerequisite of listening to a set of musical fragments called upon to form a general perception of the range of the composer’s artistic quests.

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