Antiquity (A Millennium before the Birth of Christ). The Basis of European Culture

Keywords: the global art process, he main historical periods, Antiquity.


The peculiarity of the series of essays
published by the magazine is that with
the maximum compactness of the presentation,
it provides a summary of the main phenomena
of world artistic culture, covered in General
both from the point of view of the General
historical process, and in relation to various
types of creativity (literature, fne art,
architecture, music, theater and cinema).
At the same time, the usual categorization
of national schools and the division into
separate types of art with the genre
specifcation inherent in each of them
is overcome, which meets the positive trends
of globalization and provides a holistic view
of artistic phenomena. The following artistic
and historical periods are considered
in stages: the Ancient world, Antiquity,
the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the
Baroque, the Enlightenment, Romanticism,
Postromanticism, Modern I, Modern II, Modern
III, Postmodern, and as an afterword —
«The Golden age of Russian artistic culture».

Cultures of Ancient World