Payment for Publications

The Financial Polity of the Journal
The Russian journal ICONI is a journal of open access. The full-text archival electronic versions of all the issues of the journal are placed on the website in the section “Archives.”
As consistent with the status of the journal, it is published:
1) On combined contributions from the Founders;
2) On monetary means provided by the Agreements of artistic cooperation between various institutions of higher education (or other institutions);
3) On monetary means contributed by independent authors who provide the source of payment.
Provision of the Means and the Procedure of Payment of the Publications
1. The editor receives annual payment of the fees made by the founding institutions of higher education accounted by the finance plan transferred onto the operating account of the editor in the procedure stipulated by the Agreement between the Editor and the Founders.
2. It is possible to establish an agreement of creative cooperation between the institutions of higher education and institutions related to the arts and culture. In this case the payment (with the consideration of the value added tax) of the editing and publishing services is reduced and is legalized by a Protocol of an Agreement about the Contract Price.
3. Payment of publications by all other authors in cash or bank transfer amounts to 12 000 rub. 
The author is not charged for reviewing the manuscript.
4. Honorariums are not paid for publications of articles submitted to the editorial board.

Publications Free of Charge
1. Payment is not charged to authors from members of the editorial board of the journal. 
2. The editorial board reserves the right for publication free of charge (in the manner of exception) of materials and articles by authors which are exceptionally interesting in professional terms, as well as, in special cases, authors in need of financial assistance, upon the condition that the material offered for publication corresponds to the profile and the requirements of the edition.
3. Payment for articles of aspirants and graduate students is provided by the organization directing them.