The Semantic Explicitization of the Musical Text in Work with Beginner Guitarists

Keywords: semantic analysis, semantic figures, interpretation of children’s repertoire, creative work with the musical text in the guitar class.


The procedure of interpreting
the content of the musical composition studied
in a performance class is often reduced
to reconstituting the version created
by the instructor. The foundation of the joint
interpretation with the pupil
of the compositions may be served by
the process of functioning of semantic figures
in the context of the musical theme.
Its semantic organization is impossible without
turning to the foundational concept of semantic
analysis — the intonational lexis,
which summate the perceptions
of the intonational vocabulary of the composer
and the musical work he created. Thereby,
the semantic explicitization must be
the basis for objective analysis of the musical
composition’s figurative-content aspect.
The article examines the performers’
interpretations of musical compositions
in beginners’ guitar classes on the basis
of analyzing the musical text’s semantic
structures in classical and contemporary music.
For the beginner musician application
of technique of semantic analysis will become
a reliable source for a joint search
for performance solution together with
the instructor.

Russian Education in the Context of Culture