Digital Musical Performance as the Reflection of the Axiosphere of Culture and the Educational Space of the Digital Age

Keywords: axiosphere, artistic culture, moral values, digital music-making, digital button (and keyboard) accordion, musical synthesizer, musical computer technologies, theory of musical genres.


The article examines performance
on contemporary digital musical instruments,
such as the keyboard synthesizer, the digital
piano, the digital button and keyboard
accordion and others, as a direction of artistic
creativity in the contemporary sociocultural
space on demand by numerous music lovers
and professional performers. Evaluation
is given to the possibilities of functioning
for electronic musical creativity in the culturalcreative,
communicative and educational
angles. A phenomenological analysis
of performance on electronic musical
instruments is carried out and data is provided
about the peculiarities of the sociocultural
perception among various target auditoriums.
The heuristic potential of electronic
music-making for the young generation
is highlighted in the reflection of the demands
of generation Z on poly-timbre and multi-genres
in the artistic process. Examples are brought
of successful attempts of realizing of individual
and ensemble digital performance which
has made it possible to manifest
the fundamental functions of artistic culture,
to create a system of moral and aesthetic values
which would be relevant for society,
and to form an aesthetically organized,
highly technological sociocultural milieu.

Russian Education in the Context of Culture