Creative Flute Playing in Work with Beginners

Keywords: creative instruction in children’s music schools, instruction of musical arrangements, semantic figures, the flute in the children’s music school.


The article is addressed to faculty members
of departments of wind and percussion
instruments in children’s music schools
and children’s schools for the arts
for collaborative work with beginners
in elementary flute classes. The article
proceeds to describe and formulate questions
and playing assignments with utilization
of the repertoire of folk melodies for bringing
out the instructor’s and pupil’s artistic
approaches in working with original musical
texts and cognizing its content-related side
on the early stages of studies in children’s
music schools and children’s schools
for the arts. The term “playing assignments”
presume role playing in the dialogues
of two flutes or flute and piano with a revision
and transformation of the primary musical text
(the arrangement).
Due to the technique of semantic analysis,
the instructor may demonstrate to children
the secrets of arrangements; they will
understand how to make use of various means
of transformation of the musical texts, as well
as the semantic figures involved, acquaint
themselves with the peculiarities
of construction of folk song melodies and learn
to disclose the boundaries of musical retorts
in musical dialogues.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop

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