“Computer Arrangement”. Program of the Discipline for Visually Impaired Students

Keywords: Sergey Morozov’s authorial program, the visually impaired, computer musical, arrangement, computer musical technologies, music education.


The article is devoted to the issues
of instruction of computer arrangement
to students with strong vision impairment.
The author of the publication has developed
the original methodology discussed
in the article which reflects the content-based
and practical elements of the process
of instructing music students with vision
impairment the discipline of “Computer
Musical Arrangement” at the Kursk Musical
Boarding College for the Blind. The special
conditions for realizing the process
of instruction of the course of “Computer
Musical Arrangement” adapted for blind
and partially sighted, as well
as the methodological recommendations
compiled for the instructors who carry
out the educational process in the specialized
musical boarding college comprise the crucial
moments of the research carried out by
the author. The results of the work expounded
in the article elucidate the paths for solving
the problem connected with the search
for new educational methodologies conducive
to the process of rehabilitating invalid students
with serious vision impairments, as well
as the problems of their social adaptation
in the cotemporary highly technological
educational and artistic musical space.

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