Clavier Music of Germany in the 17th Century

Keywords: Baroque style, clavier music, harpsichord, clavichord.


17th century German clavier music
presents a capacious stratum of culture
of the Baroque period, which is of enormous
interest. Frequently it is perceived
as an enormous transition to J.S. Bach’s musical
legacy, but upon more assiduous examination
it turns out that this stratum has its own value,
although, obviously, it could not do otherwise
than create the footing for the musical culture
of the following 18th century. The present
article has an overview character and is meant
to summate the most important phenomena
which could give an overall perception
of the chronological order of the formation
of clavier genres and forms of the pre-Bach
era, about the outstanding composers of clavier
music, and of the intersection between various
national styles in their heritages.

Baroque Art: Motion in Time