Role Playing in Piano Instruction

Keywords: piano, innovational forms, beginning musicians, role playing in piano instruction, contemporary textbook for beginning musicians, the musical text, semantic specifi cation of the musical text, self-employed specialized musicians in the conditions of private practice.


The article presents innovative forms
of work with musical texts during piano lessons
applied in work with beginning students
in all conditions of teaching: in the academic
educational process, as well as in private
teaching practice of self-employed specialists.
The reader shall be acquainted with concrete
methodological elaborations of role playing
which may be useful for the teacher in his
or her practical work. The elaborations are
carried out within the framework of one
of the leading contemporary directions
developed by the academic school of practical
musical semantics. The presented homework
assignments may serve as specimens
for the creation of analogous elaborations
by the teacher himself with substitutions
of the musical material and with consideration
of the pupils’ age-related capabilities.
The author of the project, Liudmila Nikolayevna
Shaymukhametova aspires to draw attention
not only to new approaches to work with
the musical text and to practical semantics
as the most important direction in teaching
music, but also to the question of what
the contemporary textbook for the beginner
musician should look like.
The materials are addressed, among others,
to upgrade training courses and professional
retraining of teachers of schools, methodologists and teachers of general
and professional education, as well
as for application in practical work of private
school teachers.

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