The Song, as well as the Piece. Assignments in Transcription for Beginning Pianists

Keywords: musical notation, transcription, piano, creative education in Children’s Music Schools and Children’s Schools of the Arts.


The basis of piano repertoire for beginners,
as it is well-known, is in many ways comprised
of song material. Its exposition in piano texture
(on two staves) frequently complicates the
adequate perception of the melody ostensibly,
which not infrequently leads to a distortion
of semantic perception during the process of
playing it. The methodological elaborations
of the new trends in teaching music contain
written and oral assignments on rewriting the
music notated on two-staves into a one-staff
line meant for vocal performance, as well as on
the transformation of the one-line melody into
two-staff notation for the goal of playing it with
two hands on the piano. Such a form of tutorial
assignments builds in the future musician
coherent perceptions of the structure of the
melody and the peculiarities of its musical
notation in various performance-related
This methodic elaboration is designed for
the elementary classes of Children’s Music
Schools and provides the first step along the
path of formation among the pupils of an
integrated perception of the musical text and
achievement of the foundations for its revision
and transcription.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop