A New Culture of Broadcasting Knowledge in the Conditions of the Digital Educational Environment of an Artistic University (about the Experience of Working in the Moodle and Moodle Music Systems)

Keywords: culture of knowledge transmission, digital educational environment, creative university, modern information technologies, music and computer technologies, Moodle, Moodle Music.


The work raises the problem of forming
a new culture of knowledge transmission.
The current state of the system of higher
education in a digital educational environment
is examined. In this regard, an extended
analysis of educational and methodological
support of disciplines related to the use
of music computer technologies (MCT)
in artistic universities is carried out, the quality
and methods of teaching, the awareness
of the role of new digital educational
technologies and MCT as a promising tool
for expanding the information space
of the artistic university in the context
of the functioning of a high-tech digital
educational environment. Based on the new
capabilities of modern computer methods
of working with sound, the potential
of modern computer music editors, computer
programs related to sound recording and sound
reproduction, student musicians develop skills
to utilize the capabilities of modern computer
methods of working with sound in the process
of musical and artistic activity, the potential
of a modern musician develops — whether
a performer, a composer, a music theorist,
or teacher — by using music and computer
programs in various fields of professional activities. The author of the article also
analyzes the capabilities of the Moodle
and Moodle Music systems in a creative

Creative Pedagogical Workshop