The Architectonics of Musical Sound

Keywords: musical sound, the physical properties of sound, electronic musical instruments, informational technologies in music, computer generation of musical sound.


At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries
there appeared a new trend in musical
composition and musical pedagogy
conditioned by the fast development
of electronic musical instruments: from
the simplest synthesizers to powerful
musical computers. In the wide range
contemporary electronic musical instrument
the accumulated informational technologies
in music and the art of music making have
manifested themselves in the fullest and
most perfect manner. The current and
the subsequent issues of the journal shall
provide a consecutive presentation of four
lectures, compiling the basis of the discipline
“Informational Technologies in Music”
and a set of programs of advanced training,
which include “Informational Technologies
in Music,” “Informational Technologies
in Musical Education,” “Computer Musical
Composition,” etc.
The first lecture, “The Architectonics
of Musical Sound” shall disclose themes
connected with the study of the physical
characteristics of musical sounds, the
means of their recording and reproduction;
explanation is given to the aural perception
of sound by the human being, and the basic
principles of computer generation of musical
sound are examined.
The material elucidated in the lection
possesses a theoretical and practical
directedness and contains information
in which the technological aspects of
contemporary perceptions of music, about the
musical instrument range (including computer
musical instruments); without knowledge of these aspects a competent interpretation of
musical instruments is impossible.

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