The Idea of Russian Symbolism about the Synthesis of Cultural Forms in the Context of Postmodern Culture

Keywords: Russian symbolism, synthesis of arts, postmodern culture.


The relevance of the topic is due
to the attention to trends in the development
of culture. The synthesis of cultural forms
is one of the important factors in the dynamics
of culture. The teaching of Russian symbolism
about the synthesis of cultures was analyzed
in the scientifi c literature of the entire twentieth
century. The novelty of the research
is to compare the idea of art synthesis
in the early twentieth and twenty-fi rst centuries.
Two aspects of the idea of synthesis
are considered: 1) the relevance of the idea
of art synthesis in the postmodern era;
2) music and the visual series as organizing
centers of art synthesis in the era of information
technology. The purpose of this article
is to examine the teaching of Russian
symbolism about the integration of various
forms of art and the features of synthesis
in the postmodern era.
The idea of integrating cultural forms was
one of the key elements in Russian symbolism
at the beginning of the twentieth century
and was interpreted as a real prospect
for the development of culture. In a broad
sense, synthesis in symbolism meant
the integrity of life, the integration of all spheres
of human activity, the “organic connection”
of cultures of the past and present.
The synthesis can be realized on the basis
of the art of symbolism, which can create a new
culture. The synthesis of arts was understood
as the beginning of the formation of a new culture. The core of the synthesis of arts,
the symbolists saw music.
Postmodern art is characterized
by synthetism. Computer and information
technologies create new forms of synthetic
media art. The video series becomes the center
of integration construction of postmodern
audiovisual culture forms. The symbolist idea
of the synthesis of arts as the beginning
of cultural change in the postmodern era
remains a utopian project. But the creation
of new art forms in postmodern culture i
s based on integration. New technologies
are becoming a factor that determines
the specifi cs of the synthesis of arts
and infl uences the dynamics of culture.
Both in Russian symbolism and in modern art,
the goal of art synthesis is to present an integral
image of the world, to form a system
of worldview attitudes.

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