Interview with Benjamin Bagby, Medieval Musician


Benjamin (Ben) Bagby is one of the
world’s distinguished medievalists,
and is particularly well-known for
his scholarly, yet passionate performances
of the music of the medieval epoch — both
with the ensemble Sequentia, which he
co-founded, and as a soloist. In the field
of solo performance he is renowned for
bringing to life the important Anglo-Saxon
epic Beowulf — presenting it, as far as
contemporary scholarship and vivid artistic
imagination can allow, in an authentic
“bardic” manner. This wide-ranging
interview has much discussion of his career
in both regards, as well as his experience as
a professor at the Sorbonne.
Readers who may wish, after reading this
interview, to know more about this important
musician and scholar can visit these
two websites: 

The Art of Music

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